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Every dog regardless of breed or size needs a little tender loving care. What a fun way to pamper your pet when you come to Dirty Dawgz and let our stylist take care of them.

Our head groomer Jessica Shipp has been grooming for the past 15 years. She has entered numerous grooming competitions where she has received great accolades and several first place prizes for her grooming styles. Hand stripping and hand scissoring , are just a few examples of her excellent skills that she has mastered over the years. Jessica can tackle any dog breed whether it's for show trimming or just for that special breed cut.

Carlos Shipp has been a member of Dirty Dawgz since 2006. His calm demeanor brings comfort and takes the fear out of the grooming experience to all our our clients dogs. Dogs love to be pampered by Carlos and can't wait to come back for their bath and groom.

Understanding that every dog is unique and special, we work around your dog insuring he leaves happy and looking great. Grooming is a very important part of every dogs life, and can help prevent problems such as mats, too much shedding as well as help you indentify and find any problems that may have gone unnoticed beneath all that fur.

We are very lucky and glad to have such a caring and knowledgeable staff that always looks out for the well being of all our clients pets.