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Customer Testimonials

"So thankful for this opportunity to meet so many wonderful animal lovers, each and everyone of you were awesome to talk too.
Max and I will miss you all and so appreciative of your exceptional service and outstanding kindness.
What a great place to meet people who care about their dogs. Just cannot say enough so I have shared your business with so many people in the pet stores, at PetmyLuv vet services and anyone who has a puppy or dog. And, will continue to do so even after out move to Chicago.
Thank you, thank you, thank YOU so very much! Keep on doing what you are doing it is awesome!"

Patricia S. and Max B.

"Nellie thanks yuou and Texas Huskey Rescue. She smells much better. "
Gene H.

"We were very happy with all of the services for Lady and Goldie. Thanks for all that you did for our 'girls !' We are thankful for Dirty Dawgz! "
Paulette M.

"This was such a wonderful event. It was so great to meet so many nice people and dogs.
I was so appreciative of this opportunity. Max Bailey was so tired and looked beautiful. "
Thank you,
Patricia S.

"I was at the Richardson location and the service was phenomenal! Everything was at my fingertips and the crew did it for me as I had a sprained wrist and couldn't get Coco up into the tub and all. They treated her like she was the only dog (queen bee) in the place and she relished in it.
Then I (actually Coco) got an email from the staff thanking me for coming in and hoping to see me again! Excellent
Thanks again,"
Debbie M.

"Coco wants you to know that she enjoyed the facility. She definitely looks good and smells good. She is definitely liking the pampering over the garden hose. She will see you next time for sure."
Coco G.

"Dear Dirty DaWgz staff,
Thank you so much for my e-mail and most of all for making me look soooo pretty! You were so nice to me and took such good care of me. My mommy, Kim, really loves my haircut and how great I smell! I will let all my neighborhood friends in Mansfield know about you. I bet they will be asking where I got such a cute haircut!!
See you soon,"
Abby, Kim's baby girl

"Dear DiRty DaWgz,
We wanted to say thank you for such royal treatment! We love your place and our mom says you saved her life today! What a great place you have and such a friendly lady running it.
With kindest personal regards,"
Priss and Max K.

"ya we had a blast! thanks again! have a great day!
love DiRtY dOgS cOsTuMeR"

"Hi people from DiRty DaWgz,
I enjoyed it, too. And I felt so much better after that shower, I didn't know that my fur could be so soft. Rebecca loves it now even more to pet and stroke me. Thank you for your great service, I will surely come back!"

"Thanks for taking such good care of Calli. Have a great day!"

"I just thought I would share with you how much seeing Charlie and Max lifted Lyn's spirits at Hospice. Each dog jumped up on the bed and buried themselves one on each side of her body. They stayed for an hour before she got tired but it was obviously an emotional moment for her. Thanks for helping me to make it so."
Randy E.

"Thank you so very much for welcoming Sophie! She sure did enjoy the fantastic bath and attention she received! She pranced around the rest of the afternoon! We'll be sure to come back again soon!"

"Tator looked so much better-thank you for your help- she will be back soon- it's alot easier at your shop than doing it at home."

"It was great fun for back especially... washing two dogs on your knees always leaves me hurting.
Thanks Dirty Dawgz!"

"Thank - you so much for leaving me such a nice message! I sure did enjoy my bath and cut today. I think this is the cleanest i have ever been !! Thanks again for everything. See ya soon!"

"Your System worked like a charm! Not only did she not seem to mind as much, but my back was screaming with joy! We were BOTH very happy when we left. I not only returned home with a clean dog, but one that was mostly dry as well - another big plus with an indoor dog.
I wish you the best and can't wait to come back - Obviously I purchased a "Filthy Dog package"...See you soon!"

"Thanks to your kind assistance Scooter enjoyed his bath time and I learned a lot about dog bathing techniques. You have a very nice operation and I do plan to return again....and also let my fellow pet pals know about your business.
Keep up the good work and wonderful customer service!"

"Smokey thanks you for your kindness and concern for his well being. I sprayed his leg as you graciously suggested. Tea Tree Oil is a miracle. We look forward to seeing you again next Saturday- Again, many thanks for your hospitality. "
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"We loved our first time and we will be back!"
Lexi and her Mama, Vicki

"Thanks for all your help- Sundance smells so much better and looks great we will definitely be back - great idea!!"

"I sure did enjoy my bath and cut today. I think this is the cleanest I have ever been! "

"Thank you so much for my half price birthday bath. I will be in soon and use my coupon. What excellent customer service you have.
Thank you again!"
Wookie S.

"Thank you for providing such a wonderful place for our baths. Mom and Dad are much happier since we smell so much better--maybe they will give us more treats!"

"Impressive customer service!"
Dingo & T. Stone

"Great Service!"
Craig B

"I had the pleasure of using your self service during the pet pro classic last year. I was doing creative grooming, (Dallas cowboy cheerleader and football) and fell in love with your place!
An epiphany hit me last week, a customer asked me if I ever offered self service, I said,...hmmmmm ......
And so I am offering self service during my non business hours since I work from my home and only have one tub and table etc.
I think you guys are awesome and I'm so very proud to have met you and used your awesome facilities. (I tell everyone about it, even though I'm in Indiana) ONE day...I would love to a place downtown and offer grooming, self serve, doggy daycare, training the whole shebang.
Maybe when my kids are a little older.
Anyway, just wanted to drop you a line after looking at your site again."
Sandy B.